Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Holiday is just around the corner!

Hello guys! Okay, I have to first let you know I am from Malaysia and I am Chinese, religion Christian! This year I am having this big major exam (SPM) going on but is going to an end already lol. I just finished my Science papers today, it actually went  quite well haha. Then I am left with 2 subjects which is business and economics! After this exam I will be having a lot of ballet trainings and contemporary workshops. And I am so excited!

Being a ballerina is very very hard, you have to be perfect all the time. Once you stop dancing for like a month? Your stamina, flexibility, your strength and etc will be gone. After coming back to ballet, WHOO! I am telling you, is worst than you thought, blister all over your toes and bruise toenails. Is crazyyy!!!! Dancing variation non stop is nightmare, honestly you can't even pointe your toes when your feet is half-dead. Anyways enough with all these crazy things haha. Well, this coming Sunday which means on the 29th November 2015 I'm having a Dancer Training Programme (DTP) audition! I really hope I could get it and meet teachers from overseas to learn more about the dances and I am really nervous for the improvisation AHHH!! If you guys have any tips on improv, please comment down below, it will be my first improv in front of so many people! I will update you guys whether it went well or not and I'll try to take some pictures also!
And here's me getting ready for training!

Stay tuned!
Huey Li xx