Monday, 23 November 2015

Hello Everybody!

Hello people in the Internet! Well, it was my first time blogging and WELCOME TO MY WORLD! 

    First of all, I wanna introduce myself first of course, my name is Huey Li. I am 17 this year and I'm a dancer. I learn ballet since I was 6 it's been 12 years now! (Time flies). Why I start writing a blog is because that I was inspired by this wonderful youtuber, Zoella Sugg. She is a very kind and nice, wonderful person if you have known her or have seen her videos. And now I am actually blogging lol. And also when I was young, I always wanted to write a dairy but the only thing I hate was writing as in hand writing. I seldom write my dairy only when I have the mood to write it. I really did try to write a dairy about my life, what did I do today and all that stuff. But my hand get tired so fast that I stopped, until one day I started looking through Zoe aka Zoella's blog and I get a bit of inspiration of starting a blog. 

    Well, in this blog I will talk about my life, taking pictures, giving advises and do what I want to do! For now I'm just giving a short introduction about what am I writing in this blog. Oh ya! and I have a YouTube channel call Huey Li's which means Huey Li's fun memories. So ya, there will be a really special events going on so stay tuned! 
p/s: if my English is kinda weird or wrong, please correct me. I would be much appreciate it! Thanks!

Huey Li xx 


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