Monday, 30 November 2015

DTP Audition

Hello guys! Ok so yesterday was my audition for DTP and it went pretty well even though I made some mistakes (people makes mistakes :) ) And guess what?! There is no improv and I am so happy and shocked but I of course didn't say or ask the teacher "aren't we having improv?" if not the other students would might just murder me haha.

I didnt take quite a lot of pictures but I took some very nice pictures that I think you guys might like it. The designed is very creative! I love it very much! This is at Subang Jaya Empire Gallery where I go for exams and workshops and audition. They have other brunch in several areas and I learn at Klang which is the headquarter. My dance studio is like my second home of mine because I go there almost everyday!
This is their design when you first step in or seen from outside
This is their lights cover with umbrellas! How lovely!

So after the audition, my mum and aunt came to pick me up.Then we ate our dinner I called Spaghetti Carbonara and it taste good! And my mum bought this juice it made from some kind of pink fruit is like passion fruit but it's pink ( comment down below if you know what fruit it is) there have lots of vitamin which what mum told me and it taste really good. I went to buy 1 tin of Arizona every time I come to Subang Empire, the Jaya Grocer and I picked the Kiwi Strawberry. WHOO! It taste so so so good! I can't wait to buy another flavour! Ughh!

Before we went to dinner, we first went to Popular and is also is on sale so why not! These days, this colouring book for adults are quite trendy and I love watching people colour and I fall in love straight away.I fall in love when I watch this entertainment show called Running Man, ALL TIME FAV! If you know, there is 1 episode that all the running man were in the house for 24 hours and is a unanimous mission. Then I saw Ji Hyo colouring this kind of book and start wondering where do I get this book. Then after that everybody started having it and I know I have to get 1. It's a good book to colour when you have free time or when you get bored, honestly when you are bored DO SOME STUFF, don't waste your time because time is precious! 
After eating dinner, we went back straight home and my muscle is pain like crazy!! It have been tiring day for me and I need to get some rest! 

So ya, this is kinda everything I want to share for today! I hope you like it and comment down below what are you up to during this holiday. And also there will be a video pretty soon talking about coming back to....haha ;) Stay tuned to check it out!!!

Huey Li xx

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Holiday is just around the corner!

Hello guys! Okay, I have to first let you know I am from Malaysia and I am Chinese, religion Christian! This year I am having this big major exam (SPM) going on but is going to an end already lol. I just finished my Science papers today, it actually went  quite well haha. Then I am left with 2 subjects which is business and economics! After this exam I will be having a lot of ballet trainings and contemporary workshops. And I am so excited!

Being a ballerina is very very hard, you have to be perfect all the time. Once you stop dancing for like a month? Your stamina, flexibility, your strength and etc will be gone. After coming back to ballet, WHOO! I am telling you, is worst than you thought, blister all over your toes and bruise toenails. Is crazyyy!!!! Dancing variation non stop is nightmare, honestly you can't even pointe your toes when your feet is half-dead. Anyways enough with all these crazy things haha. Well, this coming Sunday which means on the 29th November 2015 I'm having a Dancer Training Programme (DTP) audition! I really hope I could get it and meet teachers from overseas to learn more about the dances and I am really nervous for the improvisation AHHH!! If you guys have any tips on improv, please comment down below, it will be my first improv in front of so many people! I will update you guys whether it went well or not and I'll try to take some pictures also!
And here's me getting ready for training!

Stay tuned!
Huey Li xx

Monday, 23 November 2015

Hello Everybody!

Hello people in the Internet! Well, it was my first time blogging and WELCOME TO MY WORLD! 

    First of all, I wanna introduce myself first of course, my name is Huey Li. I am 17 this year and I'm a dancer. I learn ballet since I was 6 it's been 12 years now! (Time flies). Why I start writing a blog is because that I was inspired by this wonderful youtuber, Zoella Sugg. She is a very kind and nice, wonderful person if you have known her or have seen her videos. And now I am actually blogging lol. And also when I was young, I always wanted to write a dairy but the only thing I hate was writing as in hand writing. I seldom write my dairy only when I have the mood to write it. I really did try to write a dairy about my life, what did I do today and all that stuff. But my hand get tired so fast that I stopped, until one day I started looking through Zoe aka Zoella's blog and I get a bit of inspiration of starting a blog. 

    Well, in this blog I will talk about my life, taking pictures, giving advises and do what I want to do! For now I'm just giving a short introduction about what am I writing in this blog. Oh ya! and I have a YouTube channel call Huey Li's which means Huey Li's fun memories. So ya, there will be a really special events going on so stay tuned! 
p/s: if my English is kinda weird or wrong, please correct me. I would be much appreciate it! Thanks!

Huey Li xx