Monday, 4 January 2016

D'motion 2015

Last year d'motion is one of the best d'motion I've ever had! If you guys didn't know what is d'motion, d'motion is a Contemporary Dance Festival. Last year was the final year and I'm so sad. I've learnt so much during the workshops and their dance skills. There are dance artists from Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Japan, Korea and Netherland. I love their personality! Even though, they know they are a dance artist, they are so humble towards the people they met! D'motion 2015 has been a great time to spend and is definitely worth it.
Kuik Swee Boon from Singapore

Kim Seo- Hyun from Korea

Goh Shou Yi from Singapore

Iratxe Ansa from Spain

Naoto Katori from Japan

Naoto Katori and Ikumi Kurosu from Japan
The 2 funny and friendly dance artists

Kim Hwan Hee from Korea

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